Setaré is based in Florence, where the culture and the formularies of Ancient Persian Texts met the knowhow and precision of the Tuscan Artisan Tradition and gave rise to a line of eco-friendly, Organic, all-natural cosmetics with unequalled properties. Setaré uses only raw materials from biodynamic and organic farming and wild plants to create products for beauty and wellbeing with a strong international personality.

All the Setaré cosmetics are rigorously tested and certified in respect of the environment, workers’ rights and dignity, and consumer rights.

Setarè proposes a full line of eco-friendly organic products for face, body and hair care for the whole family. The Setaré products contain no petroleum derivatives, paraben preservatives, formaldehyde, silicones, aluminium salts, ingredients of animal origin or artificial colorants.

Nickel and heavy-metal content is < 0.0001%. Only plantbased surface-active agents are used. Setaré’s cosmetics are not tested on animals and are always fresh, thanks to production in small batches. Setaré is committed to environmental sustainability and keeps its use of paper and cardboard packaging to a bare minimum.