Impure and acne-prone skin needs specific treatments capable of deeply purifying and rebalancing it delicately but at the same time hydrating it to keep it fresh and vital, thus restoring a more uniform, satin and luminous appearance, without traces of greasiness.

The new SETARE 'PURIFY line, completely Eco-Bio, is able to guarantee all this, thanks to the combined action of 3 organic extracts recognized since ancient times and reported in ancient Persian texts: Sisymbrium, Violetta and Manna. A blend of officinal herbs with Sebum-normalizing, Antiseptic and Antibacterial properties.

Sisymbrium Officinal

The use of the Sisymbrium is very ancient. Due to the presence of the active substances (inirozin, mucilage, dextrin, pectin and glucosides), it is attributed to its antiseptic, decongestant, healing and anti-inflammatory properties.


Violet oily extract, containing salicylic acid, nonadienal and parmone, is recognized for its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and purifying properties. Particularly on the skin it has a well-known depurable action so much so it is often used to treat acne, eczema and dermatitis or forunculosis problems.


Among the infinite properties of the manna, the purifying, smoothing, moisturizing,  cleansing power of the skin is attributed to it. A true beauty serum for its ability to optimize regeneration of cutaneous cells.

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